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Asphalt Plus Chicago performs asphalt paving and repair on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

commercial and residential asphalt pavement contractor chicago

Asphalt is the common term referring to a mixture of aggregate materials and oil heated and mixed together. Asphalt is installed and compacted while still hot and is primarily used for driveway, parking lots, street and highway surfaces. It is utilized in a range of different applications because it is strength, durability and cost effectiveness.

Asphalt pavement is the choice for parking lots, streets and driveways because - with proper application and and maintenance, it can withstand heavy loads and last for many years. (read more and contact us for a quote)


We provide concrete design and construction services to residential and commercial spaces with skill and efficiency.

Asphalt Plus Chicago is highly experienced in the design and installation of all concrete surface applications. The construction of concrete structures - driveways, gutters, curbs, sidewalks and patios - are oftentimes integrated with asphalt projects on the same commercial or residential property.

Concrete is primarily a mixture of aggregate material, cement, water and other chemicals. Concrete solidifies and hardens after being placed, creating a natural stone-like finished surface. (read more and contact us for a quote)

Sealing & Striping

Your parking lot makes the first impression when people show up at your community. For this reason, it is important to maintain the look of your property to preserve the value of your community.

Asphalt paving is a critical facet of a structured and organized parking lot. Yet, as time goes by, the condition of the sealant or paint on the driveway may start to fade and wear away, making it look old or dirty.

Asphalt maintenance not only serves the purpose of alleviating safety concerns but also enhances the aesthetics of your property and community. (read more and contact us for a quote)

Power Washing

Many concrete surfaces accumulate dirt so slowly that it’s difficult to notice the change in appearance. But when concrete surface is cleaned, it’s often shocking how much better it looks.

Property owners that schedule periodic cleaning can avoid the gradual accumulation of dirt on concrete, and the most effective way to clean concrete without damaging its surface is power washing. Most power washing equipment is simple to use and cleaning procedures are pretty straightforward. By using the right equipment, water temperature and cleaning chemicals, Asphalt Plus Chicago can clean virtually all dirt and stains from concrete. (read more and contact us for a quote)

Snow Plowing

Our services comprise of 24-hour snow removal operations ranging from snow plowing, shoveling, sanding and salting, and snow removal in Chicagoland area.

Our crews are out on the job as soon as the first flakes start falling and return when they have completed the job with utmost quality. Any problems or requests are dealt with promptly due to the locality of the contracts we currently maintain and the amplitude of proper equipment and personal we run each storm. (read more and contact us for a quote)

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